About Me

Currently, I am

  • Blaok (亮黑色书脊 in Chinese) on the Internet
  • A software engineer
  • A bad guy who does good things occasionally
  • A Linux user who loves Arch Linux, Ubuntu and OpenWRT but uses Windows more often
  • A PGP beginner whose fingerprint is B79C F986 19CF 59DA 1C1E 12F3 9CEB C58A 4217 5567
  • A patriot who loves and misses his motherland
  • A minimalist who wants to leave a simple life
  • An elitist who believes not everyone is capable of taking care of themselves
  • A dearly beloved child of his large family
  • A lucky boy in love with his precious girl

Previously, I used to be

  • A student of MSANNU
  • An undergraduate student of Tsinghua University
  • A PhD student at UCLA
  • An intern at Google